Miniature Border Terrier (2002)

These were created circa 2002/2003 in Petz 5. I backported them to Petz 4\ but if you play with them in Petz 4 you'll need the Jack Russell Terrier breed (I recommend the reverie file). Original description:

"The Miniature Border Terrier was bred from golden retrivers, german shepherds, JRTs, scotties and dalis. They are small terrier like dogs that enjoy having fun. "

  • Body: Scottie
  • Legs/feet: Scottie
  • Head/Muzzle: JRT
  • Ears: JRT
  • Tail: Scottie
  • Coat Texture: Scottie
  • Markings: rarely have GS mottling and spots
  • Coat Color: Usually Cream
  • Eye color: Usually Pink
  • Personality: JRT

Download Original (P5 Jack Russell Terrier required)

Updated Version

This updated version is genexed so it does not require the P5 Jack Russell Terrier. Instead it has mutt ears and a dalmatian head.

Download updated version